Bensalem, A Great Place for Business, Welcomes You!

If you are looking for:

  • A strategic business location
  • Great business opportunities
  • A wonderful and safe place to live
  • Amenities like recreation, nightlife, and more
  • Outstanding education options

Then continue checking us out!

Bensalem- The Crossroads to Your Business Success. We Exemplify Opportunity and are “Open for Business”! 

All places claim to be “centrally located” but to what? Bensalem is truly central to everything needed for a successful business. But not just that. Bensalem is also centrally located to everything that makes life fun! Please read below what makes our location so great then follow the link at the end to see the numerous options for great living!

  • Bensalem Township is at the crossroads of I-95, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and U.S. Rt 1.
  • Bensalem Township is in Bucks County Pennsylvania on the northern border of Philadelphia just 12 minutes from Center City.
  • Bensalem Township is on the Delaware River just a short haul (15 miles) from the Port of Philadelphia.
  • Bensalem Township is along the Northeast Corridor with major freight and commuter rail lines.
  • Bensalem Township also has convenient access to major air transportation. We are just 27 miles from Philadelphia International Airport and 65 miles from Newark Liberty International Airport
great business location
Bensalem Township is in an ideal position to meet your local, regional, national and international business needs. You won’t believe what we have to offer for family fun, night life, dining, entertainment, great vacation options, etc. Check it out here! 
bensalem strong leadership
Success requires strong leadership. Bensalem Township has received that leadership from Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo. The 60,000 residents of Bensalem have shown their appreciation for his excellent leadership qualities by electing him to the Mayor’s office seven times! Let Mayor DiGirolamo and Bensalem Township provide you with the opportunity to succeed.
bensalem highly skilled workforce
Bensalem Township benefits as part of a large metropolitan area which is rich in professional, technical, and skilled labor workers along with entrepreneurship opportunities. Technology, manufacturing, and healthcare are just a few areas that thrive here. Let Bensalem’s benefits work for you!

Our Commitment to You

Bensalem Township’s community government and department professionals, headed by Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo, stand ready to walk you through the regulatory process. “Our Mission is to create the best possible environment for business and economic growth for our community. The Economic Development Corporation was created to facilitate business working with government in a friendly environment.”

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning”.
~Benjamin Franklin
Although Benjamin Franklin is known as one of the founding fathers of the United States and a famous Philadelphian he is also well-known for his experiments with electricity, using a kite and a key to conduct his experiments. What most people do not know is that Benjamin Franklin conducted his experiments in Bensalem outside Growden Mansion which still stands today, 260 years later. Just as Bensalem was the “Key” location to Ben’s experiments, let Bensalem be “Key” to the success of your business.