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Theft is Everyone’s Business

Bensalem’s community and businesses are taking a stand against theft, which is becoming a critical issue. It’s estimated that more than half of Pennsylvania companies suffer some theft loss, whether from employees or others entering the business. Less than 2% of shoplifters were caught in 2022. Theft from area businesses is an issue Bensalem takes seriously and can’t afford to ignore. 

The Bensalem Economic Development Corporation (BEDC), the Bensalem Police Department, and the Office of the Mayor hosted an open public forum on January 31 at the Bensalem Township Offices. Business owners had the opportunity to discuss their experiences and viewpoints with Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo, BEDC representatives, law enforcement, and the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office. 

BEDC executive director Robert Norkus compared thieves to cicadas. Approximately 10% of the population has stolen something during their lifetimes. Like insects, thieves can be very hungry, eating into profit margins and a company’s bottom line. 

Take Action to Discourage Theft 

The BEDC, the mayor’s office, and law enforcement are creating a roadmap for businesses to address the issue. The roadmap includes suggestions on how to be proactive to prevent thefts and how to get perpetrators arrested and convicted. These efforts include using cameras and distributing information on the police department’s theft hotline.   

Businesses shouldn’t be scared or embarrassed to report theft. Concerned business owners and managers should contact the police department. Signs warning potential thieves they’ll be prosecuted and about the theft hotline (888-826-5471) are available. 

The goal is to let potential thieves, whether they’re shoplifters or employees, know this isn’t a game and they risk criminal prosecution. They will know people are watching, and they may call the police. The signs also encourage employees not to look the other way. Employees are critical to containing theft and must be empowered and motivated to report what’s happening. 

Security Cameras Can Provide Crucial Evidence for Prosecutors 

It is critical to have evidence when attempting to solve a crime.  This can include video footage captured by cameras already in place in businesses around Bensalem. As part of the theft reduction initiatives, your team can coordinate security cameras with the police department.  There is no cost, and you maintain control of your system.  By registering, you will help the police when they need to collect evidence from your location.   

Your Employees May Earn Money Through Paychecks and By Stealing Your Products 

Shoplifting horror stories sometimes fill the news, thanks to security camera footage and brazen thefts by crowds of people overwhelming store employees. But that’s not the only story. Your products may go out the front and back doors, too. 

Companies dealing with shrinkage or unexplained inventory loss may need a better grip on the causes. It’s easier to blame faceless, lawless strangers when the reality might be it’s employees in stockrooms and behind counters doing harm. Sadly, video surveillance and precautions need to be focused on potential shoplifters and people you hire. 

If you own a business in Bensalem, the BEDC is here to help you prevent theft and address it if it happens. Call the BEDC at (484) 354-0287 or email us at to learn more.

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