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Why Bensalem? Top-Notch Education

Does Bensalem, PA have a good education system? Absolutely.  

If you are planning to move a business to Bensalem, you may be searching for an answer to this question. After all, you want to ensure the families of your employees will feel comfortable in the area and that your potential applicant pool is well-educated.  

No matter what level of education you seek from job applicants, you can find top employees in Bensalem. Every business’s employee needs are unique. People in the Bensalem area benefit from jobs close to home and an excellent education for their kids. 

Why is Education Important When Recruiting Employees? 

There are many pieces to the puzzle when looking for qualified employees. One of them is education: 

  • Skill and knowledge base: Education can provide individuals with specific knowledge, skills, and expertise relevant to the job. Certain professions, such as engineering, medicine, and academia, often require a specific educational background to ensure that candidates possess the necessary technical or theoretical knowledge. 
  • Entry requirements: Some jobs have specific educational requirements established by regulatory bodies or industry standards. Specific certifications, degrees, or licenses may be mandatory for positions in fields like law, finance, or healthcare. 
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking: Higher education comes with the development of problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills. You may value these skills when seeking candidates who can adapt to new challenges and make informed decisions. 
  • Commitment and discipline: Completing a degree program or obtaining advanced education demonstrates a candidate’s dedication, discipline, and ability to set and achieve goals. You may view this as an indication of a candidate’s work ethic, perseverance, and commitment to a particular field of study 

You need to decide how important an educational factor will be in deciding whom to hire. Having the proper academic background can be a big step toward being a successful employee. 

Why Will I Find Employees With the Education I Seek in Bensalem? 

If you own or manage a business that’s planning to relocate or grow, Bensalem’s educational opportunities make it the right choice whether you’re filling open job positions or deciding where to live: 

  • The Bensalem Township School District covers about 21 square miles northeast of Philadelphia in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It has a highly diverse student population of approximately 6,200 students in its six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. 
  • The Bucks County Technical High School is a state-of-the-art facility in nearby Fairless Hills that provides technical education to teens and adults. There are also private technical schools in the area. 
  • The Bucks County Community College has three campuses. The nearest ones to Bensalem are in Bristol and Newtown. It offers a traditional liberal arts education as well as career-oriented programs in information technology, metalwork, electrical training, industrial maintenance, and healthcare. 
  • Other college campuses in Bucks County include Delaware Valley University, Cairn University, and the Bensalem campus of Gwynedd Mercy University. 
  • Colleges in nearby Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties are Temple University, LaSalle University, Drexel University, the University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson University, Saint Joseph’s University, and the Abington Campus of Penn State University. 
  • Colleges outside Pennsylvania but not far away include Rutgers University’s Camden Campus, Rowan College, Princeton University, and the University of Delaware. 

The area’s population is highly educated. An estimated 88% of the town’s population has a high school diploma, and 30% have a bachelor’s degree or higher level of education, according to the US Census Bureau

BEDC members can help you navigate your challenges and make Bensalem the best home possible for your business, including filling open positions with people who will help your business grow. Call the BEDC at (484) 354-0287 or email us at to learn more. 

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