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Bensalem Supports Entrepreneurs and Startups

Starting a business presents opportunities and challenges. If your business will focus on the Bensalem area, success requires a tailored approach that considers the area’s characteristics and needs. Whether you plan to sell locally, worldwide, or somewhere in between, here are some things to consider: 

  • Community engagement: You should establish a strong connection with the local community, and the Bensalem Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) is here to help you network with others and learn about the area. 
  • Embrace local culture: Embrace and celebrate our local culture and traditions. Participate in local events and festivals to integrate yourself into the Bensalem community. That can mean anything from supporting a Little League team to participating in fundraising for local charities and volunteering to help Bensalem organizations. 
  • Build relationships and partnerships: Our networking efforts can help you build personal relationships with suppliers, partner businesses, and customers. We can help you make the most of local events, promotions, and cross-promotions that will enhance your visibility. 
  • Local employment: We can help you hire locally and invest in the right people for your company. Contributing to local employment opportunities will help you become a valued member of Bensalem’s community. 
  • Identify local needs: Do your research through surveys, discussions with the BEDC, and engagement with our community. We can help you identify and address specific needs or gaps in the area’s market and tailor your products or services to increase your chances of success. 
  • Adaptability: You must be adaptable to changes in the economy and your customers’ demographics. You must also adjust your business strategies based on community feedback and evolving needs.

Starting and putting in the effort to make a business succeed is always challenging. BEDC does our part to reduce the burden on you, making your transition to Bensalem as easy as possible. 

What Can BEDC Do for Me and My Business? 

BEDC knows the challenges you face. We’re entrepreneurs, too. We know the obstacles you face and the help you need. We can connect you with: 

  • Funding:  We can help you with financing from private and public organizations that are local, county, and statewide. Whether you’re looking for a government grant or a business loan from a bank, we can help you on your way. 
  • Networking events: We can help you access local events in Bensalem, Bucks County, and Philadelphia. You won’t be that far from opportunities from New York City to Washington, DC, because Bensalem is transit-rich thanks to the ease of rail, vehicle, and airline transportation.  
  • The right talent: Bensalem and the area are home to motivated, skilled, experienced, and educated people looking for opportunities. We’ll help you connect to the people you need

No matter what type of business you own or your target market, BEDC wants to hear from you. Bensalem may be the perfect place to start your business on a path to success. Learn more about how we can help. 

Call the BEDC at (484) 354-0287 or email us at to learn more. 

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